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"Dake Rechsand is a company with a strong, cohesive vision aimed at creating significant scalable projects that create current and future expansions for the firm's growing portfolio. The company has a research and development platform such as the “State Key Laboratory of Silica Sand Resources Utilization” and “Academician Workstation”. The company's commitment to its core values have seen it to put out over 670 original invention patents, all successfully implemented independently and industrialized.

Dake Rechsand uses patented processes to make a wide variety of desert sand products that use selective permeability to reinvent water’s role in our world.

Breathable Sand - An air permeable and water impermeable product that increases water retention there by making it ideal for utilization in desert environments using less water.

Water Conservation Materials - Breathable/permeable bricks, pavers and stones capable of storing water from rain or cloud-seeding and then re using such water.

Oil Sand - Oil permeable but water impermeable, this sand increases the potential for production of oil from wells reducing water pumping out with oil."